Hi, I’m Traci

I have been living successfully with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis since 2002.

MS Wellness Project evolved from my personal experimentation with diet & lifestyle modifications to help manage my symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis and to learn life skills that would help me live better with MS.

What I learned

Just because I had an illness didn’t mean I had to live like I was sick and that good health is not the same as wellness. Some people define health as being free of disease. There is no cure for MS, so I focused on what I could control which is my overall wellness.

What is wellness?

Wellness is about making better choices toward living a fulfilling life with purpose, which includes building a strong foundation for your body and brain. Wellness is the balance between the different parts of our lives. Not just the mind, body, and spirit but also in the areas of relationships, career, and life satisfaction.

What is MS Wellness Project?

MS Wellness Project website and support group is a free resource designed to support people living with Multiple Sclerosis. The goal is to provide a self-management toolbox of coping skills, stress management strategies, healing self-care tips, and symptom relief ideas so that we can live better and create the life we were meant to live.

My hope is that by sharing our personal stories and experiences, we may empower others in our community to take charge of their health and become their own MS Wellness Project.